How long does the simulation last?

The entire introduction, simulation, and debrief discussion is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, however, the length of the simulation is dependent on the number of participants.

Who participates in the simulation?

CultureBridge Tulsa is open to everyone. No matter your age, profession, or knowledge of immigration, we would love to have you participate in our simulation!

Does CultureBridge Tulsa push a particular political agenda?

CultureBridge Tulsa does not advocate a particular stance on immigration policy. Our goal is to simply provide a new perspective and have others empathize with the immigrant experience.  

Why does our community need CultureBridge?

Now more than ever, our community and our nation can benefit from an organization like CultureBridge, which shatters barriers, social stigmas, and perceptions on the immigrant population. By fostering empathy for the immigrant population, participants are given the tools to take action against polarization and instead, promote unity. 

How does CultureBridge stand out?

CultureBridge Tulsa is unique in that participants are able to step into the stories of real immigrants. Participants become witnesses to not only the process of becoming an immigrant in America but also all of the emotions that it comes with. CultureBridge is tailored to develop empathy for the immigrant community, leading participants toward a more culturally aware and responsible future.